What is Kyudo?
Kyudo (kyu - the bow; do - the way) is a Japanese type of archery that is centuries old. It differs most conspicuously from western archery in its use of the asymmetrical Japanese bow (about 2.20 metres long), without any sight device or arrow rest, its costume, which has developed from that of the Samurai warrior, and the ceremonial order of the shooting process.
Ceremonial archery was performed at special events as early as in the 8th century. The warrior´s energy and vigour were linked with the dignity and the aesthetics of the shooting process. After the invention of the fire arm in the 16th century and with the bow consequently losing its importance as a weapon, Kyudo came to focus on its spiritual and mental aspects.
Even the beginner will soon learn that it isn´t his will and ambition that make him hit the mark, but concentration, composure and constant practice with the correct technique.
It is hard to frame Kyudo in normal categories. Without being just a type of sport it has a sporty component, without being a religion it has a spiritual component, and thus it is a physical discipline with an important mental and emotional component.
Despite its being practised in different Kyudo schools, this traditional form of Japanese archery has remained almost unchanged throughout its millennial history.
The Heki (Shamen) and the Shomen styles are the ones that are most widespread in Germany.

Who can practise Kyudo?

Lacking any spectacular external action, Kyudo is rather internal an exercise. It trains your concentration and composure, sharpens your physical awareness and has a positive consequence on your posture, balance and motions. Moreover, Kyudo is also a sort of mental training that helps to develop your personality. As it isn´t your muscular power but the sensitive coordination of your motion that counts, Kyudo can be practised by men and women of any age alike.

Where to practise Kyudo?

Those who practise Kyudo in Germany have united in the DKyuB
(Deutscher Kyudo Bund - German Kyudo Association). The DKyuB is member of the EKF (European Kyudo Federation), with the ANKF (All Nippon Kyudo Federation) being its parent organization.
People who take an interest in Kyudo may turn directly to the Kyudo clubs or to the representatives of the respecitve federations.

Pillars and base of Kyudo

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